Lana Del Rey has it all. A beachfront property that is free of clutter and the trappings of life, an incredible voice, and the luxury of time to tell anyone within earshot all about it. What Lana Del Rey does not have, however in the music video for her new single “High by the Beach” is much in the way of solitude or for that matter privacy, what with a helicopter buzzing outside with a tabloid photographer snapping her every movement. It must be maddening! Turns out it is indeed maddening and after four minutes Lana takes matters into her own hands and blasts the accursed aircraft out of the sky with the sort icy-veined execution that would be the envy of armed insurgents and Page Six celebrities alike. As debris rains down on the shore it becomes time to do as the single’s hook has been promising all along and truly get high by the beach.

New single “High by the Beach”
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Credits include: Title, “High on the Beach” Music, Lana Del Rey.