NEW YORK — The other week audiences were introduced to Callie Reiff though her interview for the Next Questions series in which they learned about her twin passions for fashion and deejaying. A lot has happened in the interim, chief amongst them being her involvement in the Beats by Dre Straight Outta Compton campaign. The campaign was of course a natural fit for Callie, who spends a significant amount of her free time in the studio honing her skills as a DJ and producer. The studio that Callie has called home for a little over two years is none other than TPA Studios of Manhattan. The state-of-the-art DJ training facility started by Dubspot cofounder JP Solis was designed to recreate the club atmosphere as closely as possible all the way down to the strobes and fog machine. Callie has excelled in this environment, one which she says has served her in good stead for the occasions in which she has actually stepped into the DJ booths of many a dimly-lit club. In addition to practicing her moves on the wheels of steel, Callie has also logged countless hours in the studio creating beats using Ableton Live, which is an industry standard software suite. Callie Reiff is the genuine article as is her passion for her craft and together both are what make this visit to TPA Studios so very special.

This is the fifth installment of what is an occasional series called Next Visits in which models, talent, and more take viewers to their favorite places.

Credits include: Title, “Callie Reiff — Next Visit”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Callie Reiff.