NEW YORK — Time has a funny way of obscuring origins simply by virtue of its own passage. The clock is always ticking and where something began becomes less and less clear with every minute, every year gone. The notion of eclipsing past events with contemporary referents played out vividly Thursday afternoon in Chelsea when Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters staged a runway show for their women’s Spring 2016 Creatures of the Wind collection. On the afternoon Lili Sumner, Lida Fox, and Briley Jones took to the runway wearing looks that married the geometries of 1930s and 1940s with the sexually liberated 1970s. The results were as tantalizing as those black fishnet stockings with a diamond-knit generous enough to accommodate a parallel-parking Buick. Smoking! Exactly how posterity will regard this collection is of course open to debate, but upon first look worn by Lili, Lida, and Briley it looked a right classic.

Credits include: Client, Creatures of the Wind; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring 2016; Clothing design, Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters; Styling, Beth Fenton; Hair, Anthony Turner for Bumble and bumble; Makeup, Aaron de Mey for NARS; Manicure, Katie Jane Hughes, Nail Lacquer and Design by butterLONDON; Music, Wladimir Schall; Casting, Establishment Casting New York; Production, Dizon, Inc.