MILAN — By the time the third movement of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons resonated throughout the hangar-like show space at via Piranesi, 14, one thing was absolutely certain, summer was in the air. OK, meterologically speaking summer is last week’s news, what with the autumnal equinox and all ushering in fall, but for the same token Veronica Etro’s “Nomadic Garden” thesis was inescapable. This was a season for romance, a season for willowy lace and fluttery movement. Bringing this vision to life were no fewer than nine fair maidens at Next including Ola Rudnicka, Juju Ivanyuk, Hedvig Palm, Odette P, Gaby Loader, Anna Zaia, Anna Cleveland, Lineisy Montero, and Blanca Padilla. The latter two of the lot are captured in a moment of insouciant play as the lineup is being organized backstage. Blanca presents herself to the camera as the smoldering beauty she is, whilst at the same time Lineisy impishly mugs over her shoulder into the same lens. This pair of sensations of beauty and mischievousness are at work in this collection in a way that is as harmonious as Vivaldi’s strings.

Credits include: Client, Etro; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring / Summer 2016; Clothing design, Veronica Etro; Styling, Anastasia Barbieri; Hair, James Pecis; Makeup, Charlotte Tilbury; Casting, Danilo Di Pasquale.