PARIS — The Spring / Summer 2016 ready-to-wear season at Next News concluded at the Moncler Gamme Rougue Spring / Summer 2016 runway show, which fittingly Olivia Jansing opened and Odette Pavlova closed. Fitting because in so many ways it was models at Next who were bookending runway shows and voluminously filling in between the pages. The numbers will be tallied another day, but this was the 55th show this page’s season, which over the course of New York, London, Milan, and finally Paris has provided a representative portrait of the season at Next as a whole. Whether it was Next’s models walking in the shows or Next’s talent seated in front rows, Next was everywhere relevant throughout the season. Joining Olivia and Odette on the catwalk for this particular show, then were also Julia Fleming, Tessa Bruinsma, Wangy Xinyu, Liza O, Gaby Loader, and Sara Soric. Giambattista Valli’s collection adopted a fencing theme, which was brought to life by a cast of men outfitted in fencing gear who flanked either side of the runway during the finale. In fencing, conflict is settled through a series of point-scoring moves opponents attempt on one another. Without getting into the finer points of scoring a fencing match let alone an increasingly strained metaphor, suffice it to say there is but one victor this season.

Credits include: Client, Moncler Gamme Rouge; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring / Summer 2016; Clothing design, Giambattista Valli; Styling, Giovanna Battaglia; Hair, Duffy; Makeup, Val Garland; Production, La Mode en Images; Casting, Raphael Santin.