Readers of a certain age (ask your grandparents) will no doubt recall the technology-turned-trend of scratch-and-sniff stickers of the late 1970s and early 1980s. They were widely used in American classrooms by teachers and students alike and for good reason, who would not want to scratch a colorful illustration and smell the scents of bubblegum, popcorn, or grape jelly? The novelty of the stickers themselves never quite outlived its decade of inception, not like the concept itself anyhow. Enter Myla Dalbesio, who stars in a short film by director Barnaby Roper titled “Scratch’n’Sniff” appearing today on Nowness. Part of its “Define Beauty” series, this film like others of its kind examines the politics and prejudices behind attraction. Through deft editing, juxtaposition, and genuine artistry, the likes of which are squarely in the Nowness wheelhouse, this intoxicating short film makes manifest the electrochemical connection between bodily scent and attraction. The success of the film is manyfold, but the contributions of Myla who is both a knockout beauty and an all-around artist cannot be overstated. Myla is simply scent-sational!

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Credits include: Title, “Scratch’n’Sniff”; Direction, Barnaby Roper; Direction of photography, Santiago Gonzalez; Styling, Keegan Singh at Streeters; Hair, Esther Langham at Art + Commerce using Oribe; Makeup, Justine Purdue at Tim Howard Management using M∙A∙C; Manicure, Geraldine Holford at The Wall Group using Dior Vernis; Prop styling, Ariana Salvato at Apostrophe; Casting, Beth Dubin; Photography assistance, Christian Larsen; Styling assistance, Olivia O’Farrill, Mark Menzie; Hair assistance, David Colvin; Makeup assistance, Katherine Reele; Prop assistance, Sabina Ciari.