Skin is the body’s largest organ, basic lessons in biology long ago established that fact. There is more to skin and its upkeep, however than is collapsible into a throwaway factoid. The beauty editors at Harper’s Bazaar know as much and month after month wrestle with the subject as they have in the latest issue in a skincare feature by photographer Ben Hassett featuring none other than Briley Jones. Before the eyes of any readers should glaze over at the thought of another lab coat skin procedural in a women’s monthly, take a closer look and behold the beauty of the story. Yes, there is a the white page with the latest secrets industry insiders, but there is something to be said for the gloss and sheer glamor of each and every look. The products and techniques are important, no question, but if saving one’s skin is the objective, then readers could surely learn a thing or two by studying Briley’s beautiful example.

Credits include: Publication, Harper’s Bazaar December / January 2015-2016; Title, “Save Your Skin”; Photography, Ben Hassett; Magazine text, Liz Krieger; Fashion, Anna Trevelyan; Hair, Tamara McNaughton for Kérastase Paris; Makeup, Ayami Nishimura for Dior; Manicure, Naomi Yasuda for Dior Vernis.

Briley Jones | Harper's Bazaar December / January 2015-2016 (Photography: Ben Hassett)

Briley Jones | Harper’s Bazaar December / January 2015-2016 (Photography: Ben Hassett)