The sun set today along England’s South Coast at 15:55 local time, which meant there was a little over eight hours of daylight. Late autumn sunlight can be some of the most sumptuous and yet elusive throughout the year, which are part of what make this January 2016 Harper’s Bazaar UK story featuring Grace Simmons so delightful. “Before Sunset,” as this story by photographer Tom Craig and stylist Leith Clark is called, makes the most of the warm, warm light in order to celebrate the understated glamor of checks, tweeds, and patterned silks. To that end, Grace begins the story basking in the warm breeze through open doors wearing a cotton jacket and silk taffeta shorts by Dior. There are fewer and fewer hours of daylight each and every day from now until the Winter Solstice and thankfully for this story Grace Simmons uses every precious moment before the camera to maximum effect.

Credits include: Publication, Harper’s Bazaar UK January 2016; Title, “Before Sunset”; Photography, Tom Craig; Styling, Leith Clark; Hair, Panos at CLM Hair & Makeup using Bumble & bumble; Makeup, Florrie White at D+V Management using Clinique; Set Design, Alexandra Leavey at Soho Management; Production, Prana Production; Styling assistance, Tilly Wheating; Special Thanks to

Grace Simmons | Harper's Bazaar UK January 2016 (Photography: Tom Craig)

Grace Simmons | Harper’s Bazaar UK January 2016 (Photography: Tom Craig)