Admirers of Austo-Hungarian literature of the late 19th century will no doubt rejoice over this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan, not least for its nod to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, author of novella Venus in Furs. Without delving too deeply into the annals of subjects frankly speaking beyond the ken of this page, suffice it to say central to this present discussion is none other than Sabrina Ioffreda. Starring in an editorial by photographer Shxpir and stylist Davian Lain which takes its name from a story that deals with concepts of female domination and sadomasochism, Sabrina personifies modern day Venus. Sabrina opens the story (pictured) with her jet black hair in curls, sporting a red lip, and wearing a coat by Prada. This is a strong look, no question, one which sets the tone for the pages that follow. Although this story is unlikely to feature any time soon in the Journal of Austrian Studies, it nevertheless will burnish Sabrina’s already impressive CV. 

Credits include: Publication, Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan December 2015; Title, “Венера в Мехах”; Photography, Shxpir; Styling, Davian Lain, Carine Utegenova; Hair, Gianluca Mandelli; Makeup, Fumiaki Nakagawa; Manicure, Michelle Matthews; Casting, Seona Taylor Bell.

Sabrina Ioffreda | Harper's Bazaar Kazakhstan December 2015 (Photography: Shxpir)

Sabrina Ioffreda | Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan December 2015 (Photography: Shxpir)