There is a lyrical leitmotif running the Spring / Summer 2016 issue of 10 Magazine, which is just as well when it comes to Lili Sumner. The Saint Laurent runway favorite brings to all her work an undeniable rock & roll cachet and this story by photographer Amanda Charchian is no exception. Borrowing its title “Plug Into Her Electric Cool. Where Things Bend and Break and Shake to the Rule” from lyrics to the 1987 single “Happy When It Rains” by The Jesus and Mary Chain, this Tara St Hill-styled story is more than equal to its billing. In case any readers were expecting a re-enactment of a late 1980s mood board, then they might down the issue disappointed (but not really) at the sight of a five-color strip clenched between Lili’s teeth à la Snapchat rainbow puke lens (pictured). That simple act catapults this story into a realm that is utterly contemporary, trending even, not unlike Lili herself.

Credits include: Publication, 10 Magazine N°56 Spring / Summer 2016; Title, “Plug Into Her Electric Cool. Where Things Bend and Break and Shake to the Rule”; Photography, Amanda Charchian; Fashion, Tara St Hill; Hair, Naoki Komiya at Julian Watson Agency using Oribe; Makeup, Thomas De Kluyver at D+V Management using M∙A∙C; Photography assistance, Magnus Anderson; Fashion assistance, Rebecca Davis, Lu Philippe Guilmett, Lily Austen, Alessia Abbate, Nadia Dahan; Hair assistance, Kumiko Tsumagari; Makeup assistance, Joel Babicci; Casting, Shaun Beyen, Madeline Ostlie at AAMO Casting; Production, Laura Vent; Location,; Special Thanks to Katy Barker.

Lili Sumner | 10 Magazine Spring / Summer 2016 (Photography: Amanda Charchian)

Lili Sumner | 10 Magazine N°56 Spring / Summer 2016 (Photography: Amanda Charchian)