LONDON — Mary Katrantzou isn’t one to shy away from thesis statements when it comes to introducing a collection of hers. Her latest for Autumn / Winter introduces a dialectic between the masculine and feminine, the synthesis of which results in, what else, love. The polarities of the collection, then are drawn from the childhood archetypes of cowboys and princesses, which manifest in a most dramatic form as they did Sunday midday at Kings Cross, in colorful, even psychedelic reinterpretations of 1950s Western wear. Think Roy Rogers on magic mushrooms strapped with a pair of six-shooters that fire nothing but pulsating hearts and glimmering stars. On the runway from across the Next network were Julie Hoomans, Lineisy Montero, Julia Fleming, Nirvana Naves, Odette Pavlova, Amalie and Cecilie Moosgaard, and Liza Ostanina. Yee-haw!

Credits include: Client, Mary Katrantzou; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Autumn / Winter 2016; Clothing design, Mary Katrantzou; Styling, Panos Yiapanis; Hair, Duffy at Streeters; Makeup, Lynsey Alexander at Streeters; Manicure, Marian Newman for M∙A∙C; Music direction, Frederic Sanchez; Show direction, Alexandre de Betak; Production, Bureau Betak; Casting, Piergiorgio Del Moro; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management