LONDON — Final port of call for Fashion Week in the British capital was to be Joseph. Creative designer Louise Trotter threw everything at this collection in a fit of anti-conformist eclecticism. “Personalisation and customisation brings new energy and individuality to the AW16 collection,” declared Trotter in the notes for the runway show staged Monday evening at the raw space that is 180 The Strand in the heart of London. On the evening Odette Pavlova closed the runway show, thereby bringing her London closings total to three, including those for Gareth Pugh and Sibling. Odette as well opened Mulberry on Sunday afternoon. Fine season she’s having, then. Also walking for Joseph Sunday night were eight models across the Next network including Lina Hoss, Tessa Bruinsma, Klementyna Dmowska, Piene Burgers, Nirvana Naves, Wangy, Liza Ostanina, and Jay Wright. That is all from London, next stop, Milan!

Credits include: Client, Joseph; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Autumn / Winter 2016; Clothing design, Louise Trotter; Styling, Jane How at Art Partner; Hair, Duffy at Streeters for L’Oréal; Makeup, Lynsey Alexander at Streeters for Estée Lauder; Music direction, Pascal Moscheni; Casting, Angus Munro at AM Casting; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.