MILAN — Eleven might not have the same ring like 18, but at least the former is an achievable volume on the amplifiers used by Spinal Tap. Eleven it so happens is also the number of girls who walked Wednesday evening in the newly scheduled and throughly rocking Roberto Cavalli runway show, up from its traditional Saturday afternoon post. Taking to the catwalk were Nirvana Naves, Julie Hoomans, Anna Andersson, Odette Pavlova, Abby Bass, Jay Wright, Liza Ostanina, Caroline Reagan, Lineisy Montero, Wangy, and Vera Van Erp for a collection that is best described as femininity unleashed. Gustav Klimt, Alister Crowley, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin…Peter Dundas sought out “absolute femininity incarnate” for this collection and achieved it with an assured fluency.

Credits include: Client, Roberto Cavallo; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Fall / Winter 2016. Clothing design, Peter Dundas; Styling, George Cortina; Hair, Duffy; Makeup, Pat McGrath; Music direction, Mode F; Show production, Bureau Betak; Casting, Jess Hallett; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.