MILAN — It’s Friday night in Italy’s fashion capital, head over to the MiCo, that is, the Milano Congressi, one of Europe’s largest convention facilities, a local venue possibly even massive enough to stage a Versace runway show. To be sure, Donatella Versace’s women’s collection for Autumn / Winter 2016 was every bit equal to the stadium-like setting boasting enough surface area to accommodate a lengthy runway that circled back on itself twice over. Amongst the cast of nearly 60 models were a half dozen from across the Next network including Odette Pavlova, Katlin Aas, Julie Hoomans, Leila Goldkuhl, Selena Forrest, and Lineisy Montero. If that runway was work, and it surely was, Leila and Selena weren’t all that bothered. The pair were pictured in the lineup debating just how many repetitions of the word Versace are spoken in the opening bars of the catchy track by the Atlanta rap group Migos that features a former child actor turned pop star. Whatever the answer is, the story Friday night was simply more Versace the better.

Credits include: Client, Versace; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Fall : Winter 2016; Clothing design, Donatella Versace; Styling, Jacob K; Hair, Guido Palau; Makeup, Pat McGrath; Casting, Piergiorgio Del Moro.