PARIS — So evocative is the spectacle of a mouse racing its way through a maze that it is difficult not to read a similar setup with different warm-blooded creatures as anything but a metaphor for something more profound. Good luck to anyone seated at Le Carreau du Temple or further afield in the digital realms of the Interweb Sunday evening for the Givenchy Autumn / Winter 2016 runway show who bore witness to majestically dressed models taxing their more highly evolved nervous systems and logic centers with successfully navigating the labyrinthine catwalk like, well, lab specimens. To be clear, rats they were not, but the seven models from across Next network amongst others including Katlin Aas, Maja Salamon, Olya Afanasyeva, Lineisy Montero, Caroline Reagan, Odette Pavlova, and Leila Goldkuhl nevertheless validated every tenet Riccardo Tisci set out to prove Sunday night in his wooden maze, viz., the primacy of the cloth above all else. In closed quarters, tucked inside the tight angles of the maze, the collection in all its grandeur recalling iconography of ancient Egypt or animal print of the Serengeti plains was what showed most brightly of all. If there was any takeaway to be extrapolated from Sunday evening’s runway show, then it would only have been to praise its author. This was not rat race, but a maze whose solution was most rewarding.

Credits include: Client, Givenchy; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Autumn / Winter 2016; Clothing design, Riccardo Tisci; Styling, Katy England; Hair, Guido Palau; Makeup, Pat McGrath; Casting, Patrizia Pilotti; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.