NEW YORK — The latest issue of i-D reexamines the concept of luxury and what it means to everyone from Lineisy Montero to Raf Simons. The question is something that got Doina Ciobanu to reflect on her work, which involves traveling the world and experiencing its many cultural riches. “For me, luxury would definitely be experience. I have always considered that travel as best you can invest money in…putting the time aside to discover new cultures, to meet new people, which is the old real thing you will remember when you are old.” Hailing from Moldova in Eastern Europe, Doina possesses a wisdom that belies her age, but one that reflects growing up in a landlocked country where travel is an essential part of life whether it is reaching the seaside or the jungles of México’s Yucatán Peninsula. Doina brings an insatiable curiosity to her travels and her flagship digital destination The Golden Diamonds. Doina has been blogging for a few years and long term harbors the dream of becoming an ambassador for United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund. For this latest installment of Next Questions, Doina speaks about her approach to travel, styling, and more.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Doina Ciobanu”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Talent, Doina Ciobanu.