NEW YORK — Amber Anderson is no stranger to acting, let alone modeling, but heretofore neither of her disciplines have had the stage to truly shine like they do in Burberry advertising campaign for Mr. Burberry by director Steve McQueen. Women’s roles in advertising for men’s fragrances have typically been relegated to little more than sexual objects, trophies for the hyper masculine figures at the centers of the campaigns. The Academy Award winning British director, however had something different in mind for Mr. Burberry, something which impressed Amber and inspired her to deliver a performance for her longtime client Burberry that brings her pride. “The thing [Steve McQueen] said to me that I really liked was that he wanted the girl to be just as powerful as the guy—because it’s a men’s fragrance he didn’t want it to feel like the guy is the guy and I’m just the little bit on the side,” says Amber. “He wanted it to feel like she was driving the narrative just as much as him and that they had equal power in the relationship. Obviously that is how it should be, but I just loved that he made a point in saying that to me.”

Born in Glastonbury, England to a Scottish mother and English father, Amber early on developed an ear for accents throughout her childhood. Despite growing up in the north of Scotland, there is no detectible Scottish brogue. She can, however adopt regional accents working with her voice coach, as she regularly does for productions. Later this summer in fact, Amber will be shooting in Ireland and will be ready to turn it on for the camera. Away from acting and modeling, Amber has a passion for music, one which was given formal expression during her studies at the Aberdeen City Music School. These days, though music is less a rigorous activity and more a means of relaxation and escape from the demanding schedule of a beautiful woman plying her trade in fashion modeling and film acting.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Amber Anderson”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Amber Anderson.