NEW YORK — The fashion world took its first glimpse of model Emily Butcher 364 days ago, a day shy of etc and so on, when she walked in the Gucci Spring 2016 menswear runway show in Milan. Three months later Emily walked in the corresponding women’s show as an exclusive, thereby cementing her relationship with the Italian luxury giant. Emily would then go on to shoot the brand’s holiday advertising with Harley Weir, which she considers to be pivotal for her career. “It’s something that will be there for life, the video never goes away…it’s definitely one to show the grandchildren.” Never mind the grandkids, however, Emily’s time is now.

Emily was born in England, but at the age of 8 moved with her mother, father, and brother to Ireland, where she spent a full eight years living. During that period, which Emily regards with great affection, she learned to speak Irish. The language is of tremendous value to Irish identity in a world dominated by English, a fact that is not lost on Emily especially when she speaks it. “It’s very strange for Irish people to hear me speaking because I’m English with an English accent.” Awkward as it may sound sound, Emily is all the more endearing for her willingness to embrace this other language as she does for every new endeavor.

The latest endeavor Emily is undertaking will be to live and work in New York. What Gotham lacks in the lush green of Ireland, it more than accounts for in the vibrancy of life. And that is not to say, the odd weekend getaway to sunnier climes or open pastures is not possible. For Emily, it’s all possible.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Emily Butcher”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Emily Butcher.