“I don’t exercise so much and I’m fine with my body,” says Caroline de Maigret in a short film for Eres. “But I have to say that when it comes to being at the beach, I suddenly become more conscious of my flaws.” Directed by Bertrand le Pluard, “Poolside Realness” is a cheeky and self deprecating appraisal of that moment Caroline feels about showing off her bum before dipping into the pool. Caroline endeavors to overcome this fear by adopting various strategies of getting into the water with minimal exposure. To be clear, and spoiler alert for any readers who have not clicked the play button, Caroline has nothing to hide as the dénouement clearly shows. Try telling that to the nervous persona Caroline adopts for this feature, however! This conceit is part of what makes this video so entertaining because at the bottom of all it, the video is a promotion by Caroline for swimwear and lingerie brand Eres. Caroline and her cowriter and director Bernard le Pluard are no strangers and have previously collaborated to create memorable clips for Chanel, i-D, and more.

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Credits include: Client, Eres; Title, “Poolside Realness”; Direction, Bertrand le Pluard; Writing, Caroline de Maigret and Bertrand le Pluard; Production, Frenzy Paris.