Before you read any further, open this YouTube link in a new tab and keep it on repeat. That song? Oh, the 1979 title track “One Step Beyond” off the debut album by British ska legends Madness. Originally written and recorded by Jamaican musician Prince Buster, the catchy two-tone single is the inspiration behind this story featuring Leila Goldkuhl running in the September 2016 issue of Harper’s Bazaar Germany. Photographed by Marcus Ohlsson and styled by Kerstin Schneider, the story titled, wait for it, “One Step Beyond,” moves to the steady driving rhythm of the song playing on the other tab. Leila for her part carries on with the carefree abandon that ought to turn the heads of all the rude boys in the club. You better start moving your feet to the rock steady beat…of Leila!

Credits include: Publication, Harper’s Bazaar Germany September 2016; Title, “One Step Beyond”; Photography, Marcus Ohlsson; Styling, Kerstin Schneider; Hair, Ward Stegerhoek at The Wall Group; Makeup, Frank B at The Wall Group; Casting, Stephan Dimu.

Leila Goldkuhl |Harper's Bazaar Germany September 2016 (Photography: Marcus Ohlsson)

Leila Goldkuhl | Harper’s Bazaar Germany September 2016 (Photography: Marcus Ohlsson)