NEW YORK — Less than 24 hours have elapsed since the closing of Rio 2016, which means there is likely a hankering for anything or one even remotely Brazilian. Dani Witt is just that Brazilian and although she hails from the south of the country where this time of year it’s hardly above freezing, she is no less fiery or competitive. Longtime readers of this page will no doubt remember Dani from her recent MDX feature for in which she starred opposite of Grace Simmons. Or perhaps further back during her first season on the runway when she opened the Marc by Marc Jacobs show on a plywood catwalk fashioned to resemble a skatepark. That was Dani too, full of energy, full of life. These days she is keen on settling in New York, where she spends much of her time working. Away from fashion she pours her passions into martial arts, fighting, as she calls it. Dani studied and practiced Muay Thai when she was living in Brazil and is getting back to it in Gotham. “I just love it because when I am fighting I just forget about everything and just give myself to it.” Dani Witt in other words is gold.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Dani Witt”; Interview and video, Damien Neva; Model, Dani Witt.