NEW YORK — “I lost my voice,” says Impy recalling her exhilarating debut last month during the Alexander Wang Spring 2017 runway show. That Impy managed to strain her vocal chords doing what ostensibly requires no vocalization whatsoever, that is, walking voicelessly down a runway, offers a window into this 16-year-old California resident’s exuberant character. To be fair, Wang’s shows are not exactly Sunday morning prayer services. This season’s Wang runway program after all transformed into a warehouse party, the decibel levels of which more than drown out Impy’s impassioned cries of joy. This passion carried Impy through what was an extraordinary runway season for her that included appearances for Fendi, Versace, Stella McCartney, Chanel, and more. The youngest of eight children, growing up in rural Massachusetts made distinguishing herself essential to survival. She and her family later moved to Los Angeles, where she’s spent much of her formative teenage years near the beach. Impy is not one to dwell, however as she has fully embraced her life as a model. Before the season had even started in New York, Impy was given an all new look courtesy of Guido Palau in the run-up to her Wang debut. Guido took several inches off her hair and bleached it blonde to create a look that Impy has since made her own. These days Impy’s voice is back, but if her first season is any indicator, should could well lose it again over all that’s in store.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Impy”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Impy.