Last week China reported third quarter economic growth of 6.7%, which was in alignment with the two previous quarterly periods and indicative of market stability. Before your eyes glaze over any further, these are the very figures that luxury market forecasters eye closely when making prognostications, the likes of which luxury goods makers live and die. In simple terms, the rosier the outlook, then the more likely luxury will wend its way into the editorial pages of a fashion fashion monthly than, say, minimalism and austerity. There is no mistaking the market feelings over at Vogue España, which for its November 2016 issue includes a super luxe story featuring Grace Hartzel by photographer Miguel Reveriego and fashion editor Belén Antolín. There is plenty of fur, lace, and jewels in this story, which come together to produce a new take on the classic femme fatale. To that end, Grace (pictured) wears a mink by Blumarine and enough ice to shoot a modest R&B music video. What the People’s Republic does in Q4 is anyone’s guess, but Grace makes luxury like this look like it is here to stay.

Credits include: Publication, Vogue España November 2016; Title, “Visón & Camisón”; Photography, Miguel Reveriego; Styling, Belén Antolín; Hair, Rolando Beauchamp at The Wall Group; Makeup, Tyron Machhausen at The Wall Group; Manicure, Casey Herman at The Wall Group.

Grace Hartzel |Vogue España November 2016 (Photography: Miguel Reveriego)

Grace Hartzel | Vogue España November 2016 (Photography: Miguel Reveriego)