NEW YORK — For Lorena Maraschi it all comes down to a haircut. Languishing for two years in her native Brazil, Lorena’s modeling prospects were looking bleak, however a photographer decided to cut her hair, thereby providing the catalyst behind her career surge. “After that everything changed, I did Prada, I opened the show. After that everyone started to look at me differently.” Lorena’s shorter hair immediately proved a hit, landing her a Prada exclusive including the show opening look in the Fall / Winter 2016 ready-to-wear season. Lorena would later shoot the corresponding advertising campaign with Steven Meisel, a booking which she ranks as transformative. Lorena has since featured in advertising campaigns for Valentino as well as on the covers of a handful of magazines including the March 2017 edition of Vogue Brasil.

“What I really like most about fashion is not the clothes,” admits Lorena. “It’s the image. You’re [as a model] selling a dream to the person who’s going to buy the clothes.” To be fair, Lorena does in fact love clothing, but recognizes her own limitations when it comes to styling said clothing.  Bringing to life the dream that surrounds the clothing, however is something at which Lorena particularly excels. In another era what she describes would simply be called modeling, but in an age when the clothes are but extensions of the brand, Lorena conscientiously embraces her role as  purveyor of the dream. Without getting overly theoretical, suffice it to say Lorena loves what she does and especially so since a fateful haircut not so long ago.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Lorena Maraschi”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Lorena Maraschi.