NEW YORK — It was only so many years ago that Marta Dyks had largely walked away from modeling in her native Poland following a series of disappointments. Marta had had enough and instead took up a job in television production. There she was working on the series Poland’s Next Top Model (the Polish edition of the popular American franchise) when she met Next co-owner Joel Wilkenfeld. Endowed with one of the sharpest eyes for talent in the industry, Joel successfully coaxed Marta out of this premature retirement and, the way Marta tells it, singlehandedly launched what to this day is a modeling career blessed with success and longevity. The rest is history, but it might have been worked out so differently.

Marta hails from the north of Poland in the city of Bydgoszcz, where she grew up before eventually settling in Warsaw and later embarking on career that has taken her around the world. Marta maintains a strong connection to Poland and a year ago helped organize the Women’s Dignity March (Marsz Godności), a march in support of women’s rights. Marta’s passion for women’s equality has also found expression in her forthcoming collaboration with the woman-owned Polish jewelry brand Rosa Chains. Marta is set to design a capsule collection along with founder Agnieszka Rosa, which will be the first such honor in her long and distinguished career in fashion. In addition to creative direction, Marta will also feature in the advertising campaign, which is something about which she definitely knows thing or two. No word yet, however if Marta will also produce the spots for television.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Marta Dyks”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Marta Dyks.