PARIS — Pause, then laughter. It is not often Tamy Glauser is caught unawares, constantly poised as she is, but when asked what is one thing she wished more people knew about her, she was momentarily baffled. The moment passed quickly, however. “The one thing that is funny with me when people see me in pictures they always think I’m this super rough and tough person,” says Tamy. What people invariably come to find out about Tamy, however is just how soft spoken she in fact is. Contrary to a first impression she made on her agent in Milan, Tamy chuckles, she was not using cannabis the time they were introduced. Tamy is that chill, but that does not also mean she is not outspoken let alone passionate when it comes to marriage equality, LGBTQ rights, and a whole other range of progressive issues.

In Tamy’s native Switzerland, for example, equal rights are still not available for gay and lesbian couples who would like to marry. Throughout Pride Month in June, Tamy was involved in a number of public demonstrations in support of marriage equality including participation in a panel discussion on the matter with designer Vivienne Westwood. “I feel obligated to put myself out there and say what I feel, say what I’ve been through, and talk to people.” And people are listening. The press that these actions garnered really turned up the heat on the issue, much to the delight of Tamy.

Activism aside, Tamy is equally passionate about modeling. When she began modeling, Tamy explains, it took some convincing on her part to model in more androgynous and masculine roles. Her big break came four years ago when she walked in Riccardo Tisci’s Fall 2013 Givenchy Men’s runway show. This breakthrough opened a number of doors, which increased immeasurably when she booked he first of many Louis Vuitton shows for Nicolas Ghesquière. Modeling menswear for a woman with a shaved head is obvious, but it was much less so when she got her start. Tamy had to really fight, she says, but that all changed when Louis Vuitton booked her.

These days Tamy’s hair is a bit longer and she can be seen in the Moschino Fall 2017 advertising campaign by Steven Meisel. “Steven made the whole set completely dark,” she explains. “Then he asked me what type of music I’d like to listen to and I asked for classical music. It was super dramatic…and I was really feeling it. When they turned on the lights and we were done and we got the shot and everyone was literally standing up and clapping and I felt like I was a rock star giving a concert.” Pause, then applause. Tamy is worth it all.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Tamy Glauser”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Tamy Glauser.