NEW YORK — “…[I] hit the ground running.” The way Massima describes her experience since signing with Next could not sound any more routine than it does for a fresh face flush with prospects. She is beautiful, her allure is magnetic, she has what it takes to become a great model. Massima is all this, she is also transgender. The banality of her observation alone is cause for celebration. Having transitioned a few years ago, the Iowa City native has settled into life in New York, which she has called home for the last half dozen years. This biographical fact of Massima’s is undoubtedly central to who she is, but by no means is her only note. A great model is a great model full stop. Massima is no exception.

Growing up smack in the middle of America’s lower 48, Massima’s mother and father are academics. Steeped in a household where conversations on poststructural theory or practicing the many traditions of skepticism were commonplace, Massima not surprisingly looked up to strong women. Joan d’Arc, Catherine the Great, and Queen Elizabeth, but equally anarchist and political activist Emma Goldman were just the sorts of women who projected strength out into a world of adversity. Together their stories were foundational for Massima in the development of her own sense of womanhood.

Since signing with Next, Massima has been busy, wait for it, modeling. She recently shot with rising photographer Ethan James Green deep in the wilds of New Jersey. Ethan has an incredible eye, which is put to great use in a portrait of Massima he posted recently to Instagram. There is more to come for Massima, more ground over which she gracefully will be running.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Massima”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Massima.