There are inner monologues and there are inner monologues. To hear the interior voice of Alexa Chung would something. Over the weekend Sunday Times Style tapped into the mind of Alexa on a variety of topics related to fashion for the 23 July 2017 cover story. “Day to day, I stick to the classics. I have a uniform of jeans, vintage T-shirt, a navy blue sweater and ankle boots, and that hasn’t ever changed. But as a fashion designer, I’m more business-minded and, of course, I want the clothes to be as flattering as possible.” Alexa knows a thing or two about fashion after all, she only recently launched her own signature collection. Sound off, Alexa!

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Credits include: Publication, Sunday Times Style 23 July 2017; Photography, Ben Morris; Styling, Katie Felstead; Hair, George Northwood; Makeup, Liz Pugh.

Alexa Chung | Sunday Times Style 23 July 2017 (Photography: Ben Morris)