LONDON — Fashion already is enough of a bubble, if not gilded silo from which to stave off the unwashed and the myriad and complications associated with them. And yet, in these days of modern time, even the rigors of a four-city ready-to-wear jamboree are hardly enough. The fallout is certainly prompting some to respond directly and yet others more obliquely. “Against the complexity of contemporary life, there is sanctuary in clarity, simplicity and focus,” reads the notes for designer’s Jonathan Anderson’s spring J.W.Anderson collection. To that end, the collection proposes “a refined functionality, reduced silhouette, and the ease of everyday.” Staging for the show dispensed with the walled runways of past seasons and instead arranged seating on an open floor in concentric circles around a totemic center. At the heart of the runway, on a woven circular mat was a spare arrangement of objects of both craft and artistic origins. This sanctuary imbued the entire collection, largely spun out of natural fibers, which could well provide its future buyers solace in an otherwise tumultuous world. On the morning, Manuela Miloqui, Hiandra Martinez, Lea Issarni, and Nastya Cherkasova featured in the runway show.

Credits include: Client, J.W.Anderson; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring / Summer 2018; Clothing design, Jonathan Anderson; Styling, Benjamin Bruno at Art + Commerce; Hair, Anthony Turner for KMS; Makeup, Mark Carrasquillo for NARS Cosmetics; Manicure, Pebbles Aikens for Leighton Denny; Production, Laura Holmes Production; Music direction, Michel Gaubert; Casting, Ashley Brokaw; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.