LONDON — Might 2017 one day be pinned to a mood board some 25 years in the future? Could this year inspire some now unknown designer’s collection that will find resonance with those heady days before civilization collapsed? Difficult to say, but late Sunday afternoon in Soho it was the glittering nights of the late Corinne Day’s life that provided the inspiration for the latest Topshop Unique women’s collection. There was one part glamour to one part sportiness in this collection, which translated into applications of silk and jersey. The Topshop girl is on the go, never far from the pulsating streets, her life’s blood, nor for that matter the endless night of youth. Was it ever really that way in the 1990s? The Topshop girl of today certainly isn’t going to stick around to investigate, she’s too busy living up 2017 like her last. On the afternoon, nine girls from across the Next global network featured in the show including Lineisy Montero, Danielle Lashley, Lili Sumner, Hiandra Martinez, Marjan Jonkman, Arizona Muse, Alanna Arrington, Aiden Curtiss, and Myrthe Bolt.

Credits include: Client, Topshop; Collection, Topshop Unique Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring / Summer 2018, Creative design, Kate Phelan; Styling, Beth Fenton at Streeters; Hair, Duffy for L’Oréal Professionel; Makeup, Lynsey Alexander for Topshop Beauty; Manicure, Jenny Longworth at CLM; Production, Family; Music, Michel Gaubert; Casting, Rosie Vogel-Eades at CLM; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.