MILAN — With the world yet again on the brink these times increasingly have come to resemble comics in which nuclear war and planetary cataclysm are regular plot devices. Our world, however is far more fragile than the analogues regularly blown up in weekly serials, but it is no less beset by global crises that would confound even the most super heroic. Miuccia Prada in her own way battles the nefarious forces at work in the world today by designing clothes — it’s what she does. This season she looked to the world of comics, specifically those colorful strips inked throughout the decades dating back to the 1930s by women. Every surface of the runway was skinned with the graphic frames of cartoons in which heroines were central figures. These colorful panels found their way into the spring collection, screened or stitched into sharply tailored coats, handbags, and more. The effect was anything but subtle, then again historically neither were the DIY aesthetics of punk and new wave. This collection surely will not garner universal appeal, but its singular vision is undeniable. Its ability to save the world or for that matter reverse declining profits of Prada SpA remains to be seen, but no tale worth telling in graphic format was ever resolved in a solitary issue let alone a single season. On the evening, a half dozen models from across the Next global network featured in the lineup including Estella Brons, Leila Goldkuhl, Oumie Jammeh, Lineisy Montero, Ania Chiz, and Selena Forrest.

Credits include: Client, Prada; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring / Summer 2018; Creative design, Miuccia Prada; Styling, Olivier Rizzo; Hair, Guido Palau; Makeup, Pat McGrath; Casting, Ashley Brokaw; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.