PARIS — Set aside for the moment whether prom can go right (we’ll come back to that). The popular imagination is littered with fiery wrecks of boozy semi-formal meltdowns oozing with molten taffeta and scattered carnation petals. To say the occasion is fraught would be an understatement, but it is an event long in the past and simply out-of-reach for most people no longer enrolled in high school. Alexa Chung has thought a lot about prom in fact and used it as a point of departure for her second signature collection, which she debuted Saturday night at collège-lycée Jacques-Decour on Avenue Trudaine in the 12th arrondissement. Titled «Prom Gone Wrong», the collection follows on the heels Alexa’s first and hugely popular collection back in late May of this year. By directly addressing the tuxedoed elephant in the room, i.e., the abysmal reputation of prom, Alexa with her wry take on the world rehabilitates prom, flaws and all, into something that actually goes very right. It certainly did Saturday night amidst the pulsating colored lights, voluminous fog machine emissions, and live renditions of only the coolest hits from the 1980s. Throw in drink and throngs of people and this prom was oh so right. On the evening Nandy Nicodème, Maria Clara, Wangy, Sedona Legge, Hirschy, Lili Sumner, and Veronika Vasilyeva featured in the presentation. Also attended this prom gone wrong were Caroline de Maigret and Saif Mahdhi amongst others.

Client, ALEXACHUNG; Collection, Prom Gone Wrong; Creative design, Alexa Chung; Styling, Mischa Notcutt; Hair, Alex Brownsell; Makeup, Georgina Graham; Casting, Adam Hindle; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.