PARIS — There are few moments as excruciating as when the house lights come on and although you don’t have to go home, you can’t possibly remain. That sensation of discomfort has everything to do with surrendering the night to the banality of daily existence. Fantasy, then is a fragile state, one that requires impassioned cultivation. Pierpaolo Piccioli had in mind fantasy late Sunday afternoon at Lycée Carnot for his women’s Spring / Summer 2018 runway show for Valentino, which charted a course for the moon, that great disco in the sky. This was a Valentino collection unafraid of the night or its myriad dazzling creatures including Julie Hoomans, Nina Gulien, Manuela Miloqui, Leila Goldkuhl, Hiandra Martinez, Selena Forrest, and Oumie Jammeh, all of whom featured in the lineup. As if to make no mistake about the era from which this collection draws its spiritual energy, it was “La Vie en Rose” by Grace Jones, not Edith Piaf, that resounded over the runway during the finale. The house lights might never come again.

Credits include: Client, Valentino; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Spring / Summer 2018; Creative design, Pierpaolo Piccioli; Styling, Joe McKenna; Hair, Guido Palau; Makeup, Pat McGrath; Music, Michel Gaubert; Casting, Patrizia Pilotti; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.