NEW YORK — The world is rife with distraction. Great is the reward for those who do not succumb to outside influences. Any boxer who steps into the ring to compete knows this and trains at length to ensure focus is at maximum. Younes Bendjima began training as a boxer at the early age of 11 with his uncle, who is his trainer to this day. The physical regimen is of course demanding, but to truly conquer the psychological edge must be maintained. Born in Lyon, Younes was raised by his mother, whose rearing in combination with boxing helped him become the man he is today. “Boxing teaches you about respect, hard work, focus on what you eat, how many hours you sleep,” says Younes, who learned very early on the consequences of not meeting the expectations demanded of a genuine competitor. Distraction inside the ring can prove consequential, if not fatal. Same is true outside of the ring.

Away from the headlines and nearly incessant press, Younes leads a quiet life, dominated by training, devotion to family, and his career in modeling. Younes made his modeling debut for Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, walking in the men’s Spring 2013 runway show. Notice of the booking came almost immediately after the casting, which prompted in him near disbelief. Younes has been modeling since that day, which he pursues alongside his boxing regime. Arriving late last week in New York, Younes is enjoying the change of scenery from his sunny home of Los Angeles. Just yesterday Younes mounted a successful takeover of the Vogue Hommes Instagram, setting an impossibly high bar for anyone looking to do the same for the publication. “I try to keep it low-key…I work out…take care of my family. That’s the most important, if people want to know who I really am.” No distraction there, Younes is his own man.

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