NEW YORK — “Hold up, this is the end of the world, this can’t be my life.” What began in disbelief for Aube Jolicoeur has rapidly coalesced into unshakeable conviction. Quaint as it sounds a mere two months later, those early days were something of a shock for the Haitian beauty. Aube once wore extensions in her hair, but never really received much in the way of interest as a model. Aube’s nascent career took a dramatic turn of fortune when she decided to cut her hair and wear it naturally. The resulting interest was nearly immediate. She booked the Marc Jacobs Spring 2018 runway show in September, which would be her first major show of many throughout the season. Bottega Veneta would later come, followed by Versace, Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, and others. Aube has been steady shooting ever since the season wrapped back in October and can look forward to bright future in an all new world.

Aube was born the port town of Jacmel, Haiti. At the age of nine her father sent her to the United States where she spent much of her adolescence in the state of Kentucky. Three years ago she moved to New York, which she now considers home. Aube carries with her a strong sense of responsibility for her family back in Haiti, especially since her father passed away and that she is the oldest. That her career is taking off at this moment comes not only as a personal triumph, but also one she hopes can be a beacon for others. “The way my life is going right now, I don’t want it to go away,” says Aube. “The whole Haitian community depends on me…hopefully I can open doors for other Haitian models.” No question Aube will walk through plenty of doors and inspire even more to join her.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Aube Jolicoeur”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Instant photography, Savi Designs; Model, Aube Jolicoeur.