NEW YORK — “Find the things that you’re passionate about, let those shine through, be honest, be original, and…keep skating,” says Tyler Blue Golden when asked what advice he would give to teenagers watching. He ought to know, skateboarding made Tyler who is today. “Through skateboarding I learned all about music, all about fashion,” explains Tyler, who credits the pastime he began at 10-years-old as having developed the aesthetic sensibility he has today. Scouted on Instagram, the Los Angeles native shortly thereafter entered into a year exclusive with Calvin Klein, the tenure of which included a pair of runway shows and three advertising campaigns. Over the course of that year Tyler worked closely with Raf Simons and photographer Willy Vanderperre, two artists he grew to admire and whom he considers “masters.”

Authenticity is not really a quality that ever falls out of favor. The high fashion and luxury categories are forever scrambling for authenticity they can slather over whatever products are being hawked. That Tyler should come out of relative obscurity having only ever skated for a New York skateboarding company called Becky Factory and walk into a year exclusive with Raf Simons lead Calvin Klein ought to surprise no one. Tyler is a real as they come. So real in fact that there is not a drop of ink on his skin. Tattoos have become lazy shorthand for authenticity, but don’t be fooled, they no longer signify what they once might have. “I missed that window where between 16 and 20 where I would have gotten [a tattoo] and now that I’m past that point, I’m not go to [get any tattoos].” Not that Tyler would ever need any, he’s already the genuine article.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Tyler Blue Golden”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management; Model, Tyler Blue Golden.