There is a lot going on the world. Thankfully Olivier Zahm and the folks of Purple Fashion Magazine do the heavy lifting and showcase only the most fascinating bits twice annually in an elegantly published outsize format bound between rigid two boards covered in cloth. For the Spring / Summer 2018 issue a series of a dozen covers have been published, two of which feature Lili Sumner and Marjan Jonkman. “In this summer issue I wanted to put together a gallery of the exceptionally talented people I’ve known and loved for years, along with artists I’ve recently discovered and find inspiring,” said the Purple cofounder Zahm. “These are some of the people — stars and non-stars, from models to architects and artists to thinkers — who help me to understand this changing world and to navigate my way through it.” To that end, Lili and Marjan respectively bring to life the work of two designers Rei Kawakubo for Comme des Garçons and Felipe Oliveira Baptista for Lacoste. This issue is also notable for its inclusion of the first ever Purple Index 76, a nonhierarchical catalogue (alphabetical actually) of the most creative people today in art and fashion. The world suddenly makes sense, or at least a narrow, supremely creative slice of it.

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Credits include: Publication, Purple Nº29 Spring / Summer 2018; Photography, Andrea Spotorno (Lili), Walter Pfeiffer (Marjan); Styling, Sheila Single.

Lili Sumner | <i>Purple</i> Spring / Summer 2018 (Photography: Andrea Spotorno; Styling: Sheila Single)

Lili Sumner | Purple Spring / Summer 2018 (Photography: Andrea Spotorno; Styling: Sheila Single)

Marjan Jonkman | Purple Spring / Summer 2018 (Photography: Walter Pfeiffer; Styling: Sheila Single)