NEW YORK — Matthew Adams Dolan has unquestionable talent, which he consolidated to great effect Friday night for his Fall / Winter 2018 runway show. If an erratic production last September characterized the rawness of talent Adams Dolan possesses, then showing at Spring Studios under new casting direction strongly suggests public relations is beginning to match pace with it. This is good news for the designer in general and New York Fashion Week in particular. These 10 days in America’s fashion capital are the beneficiary of a show like Matthew Adams Dolan and bode well for the seasons to come. Back to the collection, though, which was a testament to the designer’s ability to cut fabric and tailor it in a way that makes differences in scale and proportion appear effortless. Grey suits after all came to life with swatches of overlaid plaid. On the night Nisaa Pouncey closed the show and was joined on the runway by Damien Medina, Bakay Diaby, Estella Brons, Aiden Curtiss, Wangy, and Nandy Nicodème.

Credits include: Client, Matthew Adams Dolan; Collection, Womenswear and Menswear Fall / Winter 2018; Creative design, Matthew Adams Dolan; Styling, Carlos Nazario; Hair, Cyndia Harvey; Makeup, Kanako Takase; Casting, Liz Goldson at AM Casting; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.