BROOKLYN — The last time this page ventured out to Bushwick for a runway show it was on the back of an attritional evening spent chasing an Alexander Wang party bus. Designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta mercifully did not follow that playbook for their Fall / Winter 2018 runway show Saturday afternoon at 99 Scott Avenue. The industrial environs were well suited for a collection eagerly awaited by many observers invested in the fortunes of New York Fashion Week. This collection, then can be added to the wins column. Evening wear, knitwear, vintage denim, there was plenty to appreciate in this collection worn by an eclectic casting that included various body types, gender identifications, and ages. In the lineup Saturday were nine models at Next including Lili Sumner and Estella Brons, who opened and closed the show respectively, along with Jane Moseley, Wangy, Manu Miloqui, Nandy Nicodème, Carson Zehner, Massima, Nastya Zakharova,

Credits include: Client, Eckhaus Latta; Collection, Womenswear Fall / Winter 2018; Styling, Avena Gallagher; Hair, Holli Smith; Makeup, Kanako Takase; Casting, Rachel Chandler at Midland Agency; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.