LONDON — In a world increasingly messed up by adults, it is no wonder expectation is heaped as liberally as it is on the younger generation. Millennials in many ways are the one-size-fits-all punchline, but one day soon they will devour the old and remake the world in their image. This future was glimpsed early Friday evening at 180 The Strand where 27-year-old designer Matty Bovan of York showed his collection for Fall / Winter 2018. In his first ever solo show, Bovan was backed by none other than Katie Grand, who was retained as a creative consultant. This support could be felt throughout the show, which included a cast of some of Grand’s most faithful charges, amongst them being Aube Jolicoeur, Abby Champion, Massima, Aiden Curtiss, and Lily McMenamy. The collection itself was inspired by Bovan’s late grandmother, whose tweed suits were reimagined in wholly new ways. Balloon headdresses by millinery maestro Stephen Jones provided the collection a buoyant flourish, a reminder that institutions one day too will pop so long as the coming generation gives them the needle.

Credits include: Client, Matty Bovan; Collection, Womenwear Fall / Winter 2018; Creative direction and styling, Matty Bovan; Creative consultancy, Katie Grand; Hair, Syd Hayes; Makeup, Miranda Joyce using Marc Jacobs Beauty; Millinery, Stephen Jones; Music, Steve Mackey; Casting, Anita Bitton at The Establishment; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.