PARIS — It must be nice to disappear / To have a vanishing act / To always be looking forward / And never looking back … The late Lou Reed can be thanked for those lyrics from the song “Vanishing Act” off his 2003 solo album The Raven. The beauty in these words of course comes in the association of dying and hopefulness. It sure would be nice anyway to stare down one’s demise with such poetic resolve, yet who can really say how it will all go down in those final moments? There is a sneaking suspicion Haider Ackermann might know, visionary that he is. Borrowing this tune from Reed, Saturday morning at Palais de Chaillot Ackermann charted a future unmoored from the past with his women’s collection for Fall / Winter 2018. Delicate, strong, virtuosic, this collection forged ahead into the hoary mists of fashion week performing the ultimate vanishing act. Any faithful watching, however surely will be clamoring for a reappearance come autumn. On the morning, a trio of models from across the Next global network featured in the lineup including Estella BronsKatlin Aas, and Carolina Thaler.

Credits include: Client, Haider Ackerman; Collection, Women’s Ready-To-Wear Fall / Winter 2018; Creative direction and styling, Haider Ackermann; Hair, Duffy; Makeup, Inge Grognard; Casting, Alexandra Sandberg Casting; Video, Damien Neva at Next Management.