NEW YORK — Conventional wisdom in these parts holds that a start at Prada is more valuable than nearly any other. There are exceptions, there always are, but a model’s chance to take her first steps for Miuccia Prada is never a bad idea. Certainly was not when Denya Altevers made her runway debut 10 days ago in New York for the Prada Resort 2019 runway show. Denya could hardly believe her good fortune, but when it came time to step into the spotlight she did not flinch. “If people believe in me this much, then obviously I could be a good model,” says Denya. Belief goes only so far, but in service of genuine modeling aspirations it can take a model to dizzying heights. This momentum is still with Denya and is set to make her something of a revelation in the weeks and months to come.

To hear Denya tell it, having lived in so many different places at such a young age has helped her adapt on her travels as a model. Born in London, Denya lived there for a couple years before moving to her mother’s native Slovakia. After her parents split, Denya would spend summers in the United States with her father, himself a military man, which meant a different state every year. The consequence of all this is a mastery of languages including Slovak, Czech, Polish, and of course English. There is not much of an accent to be heard in Denya’s voice, again thanks to the travel, which makes her something of a culture chameleon.

For now Denya is enjoying her life as a model in New York for the first time. She will undoubtedly travel in the months ahead and when the time comes best be sure Denya will be poised. After all, Denya obviously will be a good model.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Denya Altevers”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management.