NEW YORK — Careers in modeling are not simply the manifestation of a will to power. The myriad barriers to entry are formidable, all of which make a mockery of such philosophical triflings as will. That being said, a woman capable of walking down the industry’s most exclusive runways who is in possession of a will to power, that is, a desire to achieve the highest possible position is likely to go far indeed. Irish model Clara McSweeney hails from the village of Kilmurry in County Cork. With a population of little more than a 100 inhabitants, Kilmurry does not exactly distinguish itself in the indices of world fashion. Geography was never going to be an impediment for Clara, however who decided at an early age she would be a model. “Even as a child I always said, maybe I could be a model one day.” As a teenager, she went one step further, agreeing with her mother that she would try it out. That she did. Lithe and endowed with overwhelming natural beauty, Clara was never going to to be a hard sell, not then and certainly not now.

If those early days were dominated by marathon journeys up the M7/M8 to Dublin to make prohibitively early call times, then her subsequent move to New York has afforded her a way of life far more conducive to professional modeling. What living in Gotham has also brought Clara is time and peace of mind to pursue her artistic passions. Anyone who follows Clara on Instagram will know of her fervor for painting. Living on her own in New York has been something of a revelation for Clara in artistic terms. The very fact of privacy after all was never a guarantee coming from a big family back in Ireland. Independent to a fault, Clara is just the sort of woman who can reach whatever heights whether in modeling or brushing oil across a canvas.

Credits include: Title, “Next Questions — Clara McSweeney”; Interview and video, Damien Neva at Next Management.