Back in early March of this year Lana Del Rey expressed excitement over the self publication of her first ever volume of poetry. Needless to say Lana’s legion of adoring fans shared her enthusiasm and in another day are set to be rewarded for their patience when the June 2019 issue of Vogue Italia reaches newsstands. Any readers who remembered to charge their smart devices and were in range of a wireless signal at around the time consciousness was regained following a night of slumber very likely did not miss Lana’s trio of Italian Vogue covers by Steven Klein — they positively dominated the feeds over the previous 24 hours. Lana broke the first of three covers on her Instagram along with a passage from her forthcoming book of poetry Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, portions of which which will appear in the new issue of Vogue Italia.

May my eyes always stay level to the horizon
may they never gaze as high as heaven to ask why
may I never go where angels fear to tread
so as to have to ask for answers in the sky

Lana is writing her future and if three Vogue overs and a self-published edition of poetry don’t drive home that point, then little else could.

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Credits include: Publication, Vogue Italia Nº826 June 2019; Photography, Steven Klein; Creative direction, Giovanni Bianco; Styling, Arianne Phillips; Hair, Garren DeFazio; Makeup, Diane Kendal; Manicure, Honey; Set design, Andrea Stanley; Casting, Piergiorgio Del Moro, Samuel Ellis.

Lana Del Rey | Vogue Italia June 2019 (Photography: Steven Klein)

Lana Del Rey | Vogue Italia June 2019 (Photography: Steven Klein)