The possibility of experiencing life without mediation, unfiltered as it were, has long captured the imagination. Religion, philosophy, advertising, throughout the ages each has held out promise, but few have delivered in as compelling manner as a Calvin Klein Underwear commercial. The spot by director Bardia Zeinali dropped early Sunday evening and stars a bevy of marquee talent including Diplo and Cara Taylor. “Remove the filter and watch what happens #IRL,” prompts the campaign that reveals behind closed doors amongst other things Diplo enjoys P2P video chatting and bowls of cold cereal and Cara delights in decorated donuts and karaoke. The subsequent campaign stills by photographer Daniel Jackson are sultry, yes, but also not overly serious. Wes doing a handstand, honestly, that is life unfiltered.

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Credits include: Client, Calvin Klein; Campaign, Calvin Klein Underwear; Film direction, Bardia Zeinali; Photography, Daniel Jackson; Styling, Alastair McKimm; Hair, Ward Stegerhoek; Makeup, Hannah Murray.