Dominicans are having their moment. This much is true, that is only when that moment extends all the way back to when the Kid Mero made his Showtime bow, Lineisy Montero made her Prada debut, and clear on through to 1844 when the Dominican Republic declared its independence from Haiti. All this history is but a precursor to the September 2019 cover of Vogue México featuring none other than Dominican stunner Ambar Cristal. Nearly a year ago Ambar made waves opening the Louis Vuitton Spring 2019 runway show, followed by consecutive seasons of advertising for the the French luxury fashion house. This month, that momentum carries Ambar onto her first cover of Vogue, the Mexican and Latin American edition photographed by Ben Weller. The corresponding cover story pays tribute to Ambar and her Dominican compatriots. All told, the timing could not be any better for Ambar as she embarks on a new prêt-à-porter season.

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Credits include: Publication, Vogue México September 2019; Title, “Siempre Unidas”; Photography, Ben Weller; Styling, Maya Zepinic; Hair, Paolo Soffiatti; Makeup, Celine Martin; Casting, David Chen.