#Nadine Strittmatter

  • Binx | Chanel Cruise 2016 (Photography: Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com via Style.com)

    Chanel Cruise 2016

    When Binx (pictured) is tweeting about heated toilet seats in South Korea in early May, then […]

  • Georgia Hilmer | Chanel Pre-Fall 2015 (Photography: Gianni Pucci / Indigitalimages.com via Style.com)

    Chanel Pre-Fall 2015

    Long ago Salzburg may have given to the world Mozart, but today Austria’s famed city […]

  • Binx | Chanel Spring 2015 (Photography: Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com via Style.com)

    Chanel Spring 2015

    Binx, Georgia Hilmer, Grace Hartzel, Dani Witt, Magda Laguinge, Rachael Robinson, Nadine Strittmatter, Roxy, Kia Low, […]

  • Watch: Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2014

    PARIS — “I think Anthony Vaccarello’s clothes are made for strong women,” explained Caroline de […]

  • Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2014

    Thairine García, Esther Heesch, Nadine Strittmatter, Hedvig Palm, Binx Walton, Ola Rudnicka, Zuzanna Bijoch, Marta Dyks, […]