#Resort 2016

  • Marta Placzek | Prada Resort 2016 (Photography: Monica Feudi / Feudiguaineri.com via style.com)

    Prada Resort 2016

    Marta Placzek and Lineisy Montero (both picured) featured in the runway show for the Prada Resort 2016 […]

  • Riley Montana (C) | Marc Jacobs Resort 2016 (Photography: courtesy Marc Jacobs via Style.com)

    Marc Jacobs Resort 2016

    Riley Montana (pictured) closed the runway show for the Marc Jacobs Resort 2016 collection by Marc […]

  • Lineisy Montero | Balenciaga Resort 2016 (Photography: courtesy of Balenciaga via Style.com)

    Balenciaga Resort 2016

    Lineisy Montero (pictured) featured in the presentation for the Balenciaga Resort 2016 collection by Alexander Wang. […]

  • Shaughnessy Brown | Gucci Resort 2016 (Photography: courtesy of Gucci via Style.com)

    Gucci Cruise 2016

    Shaughnessy Brown (pictured), Hedvig Palm, Roger, Maja Salamon, Grace Simmons, and Binx featured in the runway […]

  • Grace Hartzel | Calvin Klein Collection Resort 2016 (Photography: courtesy of Calvin Klein Collection via Style.com)

    Calvin Klein Collection Resort 2016

    Grace Hartzel (pictured) closed the runway show for Resort 2016 Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa in […]

  • Lineisy | Christian Dior Resort 2015 (Photography: Giovanni Giannoni via wwd.com)

    Christian Dior Resort 2016

    At the heart of any cruise collection worth its frequent-flyer miles is travel — and […]

  • Lineisy | Louis Vuitton Resort 2016 (Photography: Alessandro Garofalo / Indigitalimages.com via Style.com)

    Louis Vuitton Resort 2016

    Louis Vuitton appears to have spared no expense in making the desert bloom in celebration […]

  • Binx | Chanel Cruise 2016 (Photography: Yannis Vlamos / Indigitalimages.com via Style.com)

    Chanel Cruise 2016

    When Binx (pictured) is tweeting about heated toilet seats in South Korea in early May, then […]